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November 23, 2014 / C H Thompson

Sociology of Work, Poverty and Welfare Overview

Test Yourself

 Revision page

Wealth, Income and the Poor

What are wealth and income?

Distribution of wealth and income in the UK

Redistribution of wealth in the UK

Who are the poor?

Who are the wealthy?

Income inequality video explanation

Wealth inequality video explanation


Absolute poverty

Relative Poverty

Breadline Britain

Poverty across the regions

Explanations for Inequalities in Wealth and Income





Understanding Welfare

Types of welfare

Welfare pluralism (state, private etc)

Competing perspectives of welfare provision:

Means-tested vs Universal Welfare

Welfare Policies and Governments

The World of Work

What is work?

Work in an industrial society

Taylorism, Fordism, and McDonaldization of work



Social control in the workplace

Evaluation of deskilling thesis

Globalisation and work




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