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May 1, 2018 / C H Thompson

Globalisation and work

The term globalisation describes the interconnected nature of the modern world. Moreover it reflects the uncertainties of the postmodern world some sociologists say we in habit.

  • For example Apple products are for sale in the vast majority of countries across the globe – and therefore is known as a global product
  • Apple is also a Transnational Company as it has head offices across the globe, employing people across a variety of countries – Apple products are made in China
  • Beck (2000) argues the above has serious implications because
  • Globalisation creates considerably more non-standard jobs
  • Non-standard jobs are those which are poorly paid, zero hours contracts, short-term contracts, poorly paid and insecure
  • This is due to global competition and a global market place requiring manufactures to be more responsive to the needs of consumers (flexible specialisation)
  • Edgell (2011) argues this causes a ‘wage penalty’ for the worker
  • Wage penalty refers to non-standard workers not being eligible for sick or holiday pay, being susceptible to inflexible work patterns, night and weekend shifts



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