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April 25, 2018 / C H Thompson

Wealth and the wealthy

How much money does someone need to be classed as wealthy, the UK?

  • There are three main groupings from which the rich acquire their wealth
  • traditional wealth – these are people tend to be major landowners who inherit their wealth such as those listed in the UK’s Estates Gazette magazine. Until recently the Duke of Westminster topped the magazine’s list. But in 2013 his £8bn of assets could only rank him fourth.
  • business wealth – these are people who own large corporations such as Richard Branson’s Virgin business providing him with around £3.5bn of assets in 2015
  • entertainment wealth – these are people who have acquired their wealth through music or sports industries etc. such as David Beckham with assets of around £250m in 2013 and Sir Elton John with around £300m worth of assets in 2015



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