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April 26, 2018 / C H Thompson

Marketisation of education

  • neo-liberal economics, sometimes referred to as New-Right polices, were introduced by Mrs Thatcher in 1979 and are continuing through to this day
  • neo-Liberalism is the philosophy behind marketisation
  • neo-liberal economics emphasises the importance of giving individuals choice
  • this choice is provided by the free-market which turns individuals into consumers of services and is sometimes referred to the privatisation of services such as education
  • Privatisation means the state, is rolled-back, and so is less involved in services once delivered by the state, such as education.
  • The privatisation of education involves turning parents into consumers, rather than users of education
  • this is achieved by giving parents the ability to choose (shop around) the school for their children, in the same way people shop for clothes
  • the 1988 Education Reform Act started this process off by introducing:
  • this process is often known as parentocracy



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