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May 8, 2018 / C H Thompson


  • Setting and streaming – evidence suggests that Black pupils are more likely to be entered for lower tier exams, meaning that these students are only able to able to achieve a maximum grade of a C grade.
  • Stephen J. Ball (2008) has found that Black Caribbean and African students are less likely to be identified as gifted and talented
  • In contrast, evidence suggests that Chinese and Indian students are more likely to be entered into higher sets
  • Exclusions and discipline – research by David Gillborn and David Drew (2010) found that excluded pupils are 4 times more likely to finish their education without having gained academic qualification
  • Research by the former Department for Education and Skills (Getting it, Getting it Right 2006) suggest a number of reasons as to why Black pupils are disproportionately excluded, including institutional racism.
  • The same report also found Black pupils encounter both conscious and unconscious prejudice from teachers (both in terms of frequency and severity



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