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May 1, 2018 / C H Thompson

Globalisation and work

  • Globalisation has prompted more outsourcing of work
  • Outsourcing is work which used to be undertaken in the UK is moved to other countries where labour costs are cheaper. One example of this is Dyson
  • Edgell (2000) identifies how a lot of call centre work has been outsourced to India
  • Transnational call-centres are useful in illustrating the dynamics of globalisation in relation to the role transnational corporations as employers
  • Outsourcing is isn’t just devaluing routine work, it is also starting to encroach on knowledge work
  • Knowledge work – is working with ideas, data analysis, software design rather than manufacturing physical products
  • This allows transnational companies to outsource knowledge work to growing economies like China where employment costs are lower
  • Beck argues all the above points illustrate how transnational companies can exploit global communication systems (internet, Skype etc) by spreading their labour force across the globe while their head-office remains in the home country



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