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May 1, 2018 / C H Thompson

Globalisation and work

  • for some commentators globalisation has also increased unemployment and the potential to be worklessness
  • ‘Worklessness’ is a fairly new term that is starting to be used and heard more frequently but what does it mean? Is it just a different word for unemployment?
  • the answer is that worklessness is not the same as unemployment but there are several different definitions of worklessness.
  • ‘Worklessness’ is about much more than unemployment; there are far greater numbers of people who are workless than unemployed
  • to be defined as unemployed, people need to be actively looking for work and available to start work, but there are many more people who are out of work yet do not fall into the narrow category of being ‘unemployed’.
  • for example, people who are caring for children or family members would be included in the wider definition of worklessness but would not be included in the unemployment figures even if they are looking for work.
  • they may want to find employment, but because they have caring responsibilities and are therefore not available to start work, they would not be defined as unemployed
  • why might globalisation increasingly foster worklessness?
  • This is because employers have no need to flexible towards employees with additional caring responsibilities, instead they can ‘import’ flexible employees from the around the EU

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