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April 24, 2018 / C H Thompson

Globalisation and Media

  • Globalisation refers to the interconnectedness of societies or nation states across the globe creating a global village
  • The EU is seen as example of globalisation with 28 countries interconnected largely throughglobal corporations‘global products global information’ and ‘global commodities
  • Sociologists argue this interconnectedness has led to the globalisation of popular culture
  • Popular culture is pop videos, TV soaps etc. which is enjoyed by ordinary people and so is often coined as mass culture or even low culture
  • Popular culture is sometimes called mass culture and low culture
  • Mass or low culture refers to the easy and accessible entertainment such as Coronation Street. It is culture which is aimed at the masses, requiring little critical thought
  • Mass culture consists of short-lived products often linked with popular culture
  • This difference suggests mass or popular culture is inferior to high culture
  • High culture refers to products of lasting cultural, artistic or literary value more often than not admired by intellectual elites



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