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June 3, 2013 / C H Thompson

Media influences on voting behaviour

The role of the media and its influence on voting behaviour is often in the headlines. In 2009 and more recently The Green Party has threatened legal action over the lack of comparable airtime.

In addition the politics of newspapers – results has become an ever increasing topic of discussion, with somesun backs blair commentators arguing media ownership undermines democracy especially media oligopoly.

Media influence on voting patterns has been of particular concern in relation to the role of newspapers especially that of the Sun in Tony Blair’s first election victory in 1997.

It's_The_Sun_Wot_Won_ItHowever in 1992 when most commentators thought Labour were going to claim victory over the Conservatives the role of the media really hit the headlines. Following the Conservatives surprise victory The Sun’s head line read: ‘It was the Sun wot won it”. The Independent explains what happened. 

Alternatively you can visit this page to view a chronology of several Sun ‘influential headlines. The question for sociologists is, do Marxists, pluralists or neo-Marxists best explain what’s occurred?

More recently in November 2013 the Sun’s headline took a clear swipe at David Cameron which could make Sun readers wonder Sun Green Crapwho they’re supposed to support.

While more recently the extent to which Murdoch is influencing the 2015 general election is evident in this article where Murdoch openly calls on Sun journalists to make life difficult for Ed Miliband.

One the eve of the 2015 election things got worse with the Financial Times reporting how 7 daily titles called for a Conservative-led government, while just 2 supported Labour. The font pages below highlight the extent of the media’s partisanship.

Scottish Sun



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