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July 17, 2012 / C H Thompson

Is high culture now popular culture?

Postmodern sociologists argue the creative industries have grown so much that the distinct between high and low culture isn’t so clear.

For example advertising, is it high or low culture? Watch the following clip and see what you think

Another example is music. Is the following clip high or low culture?

What about the second clip

Or this third clip

Or this clip

Or this…..

How about this….

Look for some examples of your own which blend high and low culture together.

New page

Strinati (1995) argues that parts of high culture have blended into popular culture as well as elements of popular culture merging with high culture to the extent there no longer is a distinction between the two. In particular high cultural products are no longer the preserve of an elite having privileged access through being able to afford to attend expensive concerts. Technology like Youtube, means high-cultural products are available to the vast majority of the population.

But are the postmodernists assuming everyone has the same cultural experiences or do they vary from country to country?


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