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July 12, 2012 / C H Thompson


Socialisation – the process whereby young members of society learn the values, ideas, rules and beliefs of that society. Socialisation is split into two key categories, primary and secondary socialisation. Functionalist sociologists argue society is a functional unit. What they mean is there are key attributes of society which need to work properly for society to function.

The following clip will help you understand what functionalists mean. Watch the clip and discussed the forms of socialization being displayed.

Primary socialisation occurs when people learn the values, ideas, rules and beliefs from their parents or guardians. Indentify the many ways you might have been primary socialized by your family.

Secondary socialisation is a lot more complex as it occurs outside the family in the broader social world in areas such as:

  1. The education system
  2. The peer group
  3. The workplace
  4. The mass media
  5. Religious institutions

Identitfy two ways in which individuals can be secondary socialized from each of the five areas listed above.

How does socialisation shape our identity?


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