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May 2, 2018 / C H Thompson

Postmodernism and religion

Postmodernist social theory argues religion isn’t in fact declining it is just adapting as society develops. This view argues that changes in religion are the result of changes in wider society such as a greater individualism and consumerism driving a shift away from the certainties of modernity to the uncertainties of a postmodern society.

Sociologists have identified some characteristics of a postmodern society:

  • ICT -> the spread of information and communication technology
  • Consumerism -> the growth of consumerism; buying goods and services becoming increasingly central to people’s lives
  • Movement of people -> mass travel and migration have led to people becoming increasingly exposed to different societies and different ways of life
  • Risk and uncertainty -> a sense of growing risk; people’s lives are moving away from the ‘certainties’ of the past towards an increasingly insecure world
  • where jobs, relationships, education are fraught with uncertainties
  • Globalisation -> illustrates the uncertainties facing contemporary society
  • we live in an increasingly global society  where the boundaries between nation states are breaking down which is why some social groups (older people) voted Brexit



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