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April 27, 2018 / C H Thompson

Methods in Context Exam Questions and Answers

The Methods in Context Question will be in the Education paper.

The same structure is used in either the full A-Level exam paper or the Year 1 AS exam paper and is always worth 20 marks.

The trick with this question is to use your research methods knowledge and put those methods in the context of an educational institution, such as a school. In other words how does conducting sociological research in a school influence the chosen method.

For example, if a sociologist is handing-out closed questionnaires in a school (think 11 year-olds) what advantages or disadvantages might this give the sociologist? One advantage might be the kids are pleased to be filling-in a questionnaire rather than doing Maths. But the trouble is, in their excitement at doing something new, they tick the boxes without ever reading the question.

Here’s some past questions. Click on them for the answers.

Assess the strengths and limitations of one of the following methods for investigating the effects of streaming – (the chosen method is unstructured interviews) 20 marks


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