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April 24, 2018 / C H Thompson

Violence and the Media

  • Media violence is now part of our popular culture, with new media being particularly prone having violent images in their content.
  • Digital technology, through gaming for example, means users can now interact with or take part in violent acts. So does the media cause violent behaviour and can it be researched?
  • Media has often been blamed for causing violent behaviour, with many high profile cases such as the Bulger case causing moral panics
  • Masses of research has been conducted to investigate the link between media generated and real-life violence, particularly in relation to children
  • For example Newson (1994) argued there was a direct link between violent videos and violent actions
  • Similarly Anderson (2003) claimed research indicated media violence increased the likelihood of aggressive and violent behaviour
  • However such claims have been disputed. Cumberbatch (1994) was critical of Newson’s report because after researching over 1000 studies there was no proven link between media violence and violent behaviour
  • Similarly Ferguson (2014) studies found no evidence of long-term links between media violence and real-life violence


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