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April 24, 2018 / C H Thompson

Violence and the Media

Nevertheless there still remains uncertainty about the effects of media violence on real-life violence. The contradictory research which has been carried out can be summarised into six headings:

1.Copycat or imitation – as shown in Badura’s ‘Bobo doll’ experiment – a hypodermic syringe effect occurs when exposed to media violence

2.Catharsis – media violence reduces real-life violence by providing a fantasy outlet

3.Desensitization – the constant drip-drip of media violence makes people comfortably numb to real-life violence

4. Sensitization – media exposure to violence makes people more sensitive and therefore more intolerant of real-life violence

5. Media violence causes psychological disturbance in children – media violence causes long-term nightmares, anxiety and depression in children

6. Exaggeration of the fear of violence – constant exposure to media violence cause people to overestimate their risk in becoming a victim of real-life violence

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