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February 24, 2015 / C H Thompson

Assessing Marxist and functionalist perspectives of education


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  1. Zaida / Mar 27 2017 8:29 pm

    After reading all the information given, I have to agree with the fact that education plays a big role in society. However the fact that there’s a hidden curriculum for a capitalist reasons and gains scares me. It scares and bothers me how much we’re all controlled by the government without having conscious awareness of it. And its scary to think that our lives are actually being chosen for us, we do not have as much of control over our future and careers as we think we do. I guess in our minds we think we do, but if we start thinking about the education system and how everything is controlled for a specific reason it makes you wonder. The government is basically moulding students to become workers FOR the ruling class, and NOT to be part of the ruling class, but to rather work for them. This is why we will never really have equality. NEVER.

  2. Marilu Williams / Mar 29 2017 8:01 pm

    Durkheim, the purpose of functionalist theory was unity. Believed education is the key component that keeps a society together it made a society healthy. With education a society can escape poverty. 1950’s-60’s Tellcott developed on Durkheim’s idea. He said school is a small society on its own the bridge between particularistic and universalistic values.where children learn value, norms and culture. Shared values keep a society together. Robert Dreeban introduced 4 norms, universalism, specifity, independence and achievements with these norms children can make the best use of opportunities in societies. Meritocracy, where people get rewarded for their hardwork. Every person gets a chance to achieve therefore inequality is fair. Qualified people for qualified jobs, this is known as the division of labour. The hidden curriculum teaches kids to complete to succeed. Both functionalist and conflict paradigm focus on how society transmit values. The difference is functionalist think transmission is crucial to stable society. Conflict think transmission legitimizes inequality is near neutral. Marx argue the best way to understand society is to examine conflicts for power and resources within society. Argue that school is a social battlefield it rises class awareness. The hidden curriculum transmits social superiority.

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