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February 24, 2015 / C H Thompson

Assessing Marxist and functionalist perspectives of education


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  1. Zaida / Mar 27 2017 8:29 pm

    After reading all the information given, I have to agree with the fact that education plays a big role in society. However the fact that there’s a hidden curriculum for a capitalist reasons and gains scares me. It scares and bothers me how much we’re all controlled by the government without having conscious awareness of it. And its scary to think that our lives are actually being chosen for us, we do not have as much of control over our future and careers as we think we do. I guess in our minds we think we do, but if we start thinking about the education system and how everything is controlled for a specific reason it makes you wonder. The government is basically moulding students to become workers FOR the ruling class, and NOT to be part of the ruling class, but to rather work for them. This is why we will never really have equality. NEVER.

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