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October 15, 2013 / C H Thompson

Most popular forms of political participation

Participation by citizens over the last 12 months: Europe and UK compared

Country UK European average High Low
Type of Participation in last 12 months
Signed petition 35.54% 24.5% Iceland 48.76% Greece 2.95%
Boycotted certain products 20.58% 16.2% Sweden 34.75% Ukraine 1.79%
Contacted politician or government official 14.94% 12.5% Iceland 30.30% Portugal 5.46%
Worked in another organisation or association 7.98% 13.1% Iceland 49.47% Slovenia 1.68%
Worn or displayed campaign badge/sticker 7.5% 8.1% Iceland 34.4% Hungary 1.34%
Taken part in a lawful demonstration 3.75% 10.8% Ukraine 21.69% =Hungary Slovenia, 1.61%
Worked in political party or action group 2.22% 4.0% Iceland 14.24% 0.94% Hungary

Source: Scottish Executive – FCSD – Analytical Services using European Social Survey 2004/2005

Types of political participation

Type of participation Participated
Signed a petition 59.2%
Attended a public meeting 30.5%
Given money to campaign/organisation 26.5%
Contacted an MP or MSP 24.1%
Spoken to an influential person 15.3%
Gone on a protest or demonstration 13.1%
Responded to a consultation document 12.8%
Contacted a government department directly 11.2%
Attended an event organised as part of a consultation exercise 10.1%
Actively took part in campaign ( e.g. leafleting, stuffing envelopes etc.) 9.2%
Joined an existing organisation 8.8%
Contacted radio, TV, or a newspaper 8.7%
Raised issue in an organisation I belong to 7.5%
Formed a group of like-minded people 4.7%
No have not done any of these 25.7%

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