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October 8, 2013 / C H Thompson

Feminist theories of power

by Sam Cook a former student The ‘personal is political’. This phrase highlights the feminist position regarding power in society. For feminists power doesn’t start with parliament, MPs, political parties or pressure groups. Instead the feminism is a social movement emphasising the power starts with gender relations such as the power struggle between men and women at home, in the workplace, education and in wider society. In 2013 the BBC produced a short clip titled ‘What chance does a young girl have?‘ which highlights the problems facing many women today. After watching the clip you might like to read more on the feminist movement in order to help construct a context for feminist theories of power.

As recently as October 2013 David Cameron reduced his Cabinet to just four women. Many issues facing women in UK politics are explored in this link such as why there are so few female MPs. While the BBC Radio 4 clip ‘Views Not Shoes’ below discusses the numerous reasons while women might not be entering politics.

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