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October 7, 2013 / C H Thompson

Voting by newspaper readership

What is the influence of newspapers on voting patterns? The following MORI data breaks down how the electorate voted in relation to the newspapers they read. For example the percentage of Daily MailIt's_The_Sun_Wot_Won_It readers who voted Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem. However a newspaper’s circulation figures become important in understanding the influence of the media on the political process. This is because if you add the circulation figures up of all right-winged newspapers with those with a more left-wing perspective you’ll see a significant divide. The issue sociologists examine is whether this divide undermines or illustrates a pluralist press.

In addition to this data, the following page provides more information about the relationship between media and voting patterns by exploring the ‘Sun Wot Won It’ headline.

A similar theme is also explored by the Guardian in October 2013, where the newspaper reflects on its role in encouraging its readers to vote Liberal Democrat in 2010.


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