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September 12, 2013 / C H Thompson

Power and politics study questions – 1

1. What is Weber’s view of power?

2. What is Dahl’s concept of power?

3. How does Lukes view power?

4. How does Foucault perceive power?

5. What do you understand by the term issue method?

6. What title does Lukes give to Dahl’s concept of power?

7. Why is Lukes’ critical of Dahl?

8. How are Bachrach and Baratz critical of Dahl?

9. How is Lukes’ critical of Bachrach and Baratz?

10. How does the 3rd Face of Power address the criticisms Lukes made of Dahl, Bachrach and Baratz’s view of power?

11. List the shortcomings Foucault might have made of Dahl, Bachrach & Baratz, and Lukes view of power

12. Question & Answers

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