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May 21, 2013 / C H Thompson

Sociology of Crime and Deviance Overview

Defining crime and deviance

What is crime?

What is deviance?


Media’s portrayal of crime

Media and crime   revision notes

Moral panics

Deviancy Amplification Spiral

Crime statistics

Official figures

British Crime Survey (victimisation studies)

Self-Report Studies

Types of crime

State crimes revision notes

Dark figures of crime

White-collar crime

Global crime revision notes  explanation by video 

Rural crime

Green crimes   revision notes

Evaluating perspectives of crime

Strengths verses weaknesses of the competing perspectives

Competing perspectives of crime

All perspectives of crime


Functionalist explanation by video   revision notes

Merton’s Strain Theory explanation by video   revision notes

Subcultural explanation by video   revision notes

Interactionist explanation by video   revision notes

Marxist explanation by video   revision notes

Neo-Marxist explanation by video   revision notes

Feminist explanation by audio   revision notes

Right Realist explanation by video   revision notes

Left Realist explanation by video   revision notes

Postmodernist revision notes

Age, social-class, locality and crime

Age and crime revision notes

Social-class and crime revision notes

Locality and crime revision notes

Ethnicity and crime

Folk devils and crime revision notes

Crime as a political act revision notes

Left-realism and ethnicity revision notes

Labelling theory

Globalisation and crime

Global crimes revision notes

Features of globalisation and crime revision notes

Control, punishment and victimisation

Prevention and control of crime revision notes


Sociological explanations of punishment

Victims of crime

Explaining victimisation

The distribution of victimisation

Sociology of suicide

Durkheim’s study of suicide revision notes

Douglas and suicide revision notes

Atkinson and suicide revision notes

S. Taylor and suicide revision notes

Suicide revision image

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