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June 25, 2012 / C H Thompson

Towie and other cultural products

Watch the clip below and consider how it differs to the those previous clips you termed as ‘high-cultural’ products.

Identify as many ways Towie differs from high-cultural products? Does the diference matter?

Now watch this second clip below.

Think about your responses to Towie in relation to high-cultural products. What term would you use to describe this two clips along with the DJ Sammy clip.

Consider all four of these ‘low-cultural’ products as well as all the ‘high-cultural’ products. Which of them would you like to be immersed in 24/7 and why?

However was that the right question to ask? Is there such a clear distinction between high and low culture?

With your answer in mind would this immersion affect the person you are? In other words would it affect your identity? However before we examine what identity is we need to check we’re clear about what we’ve already learned.

What is identity?


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