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Sociology revision books

Due to numerous requests over the years is pleased to announce the first of a series of THUMBNAIL_IMAGEsociology revision books.

We’d currently welcome any feedback on both the Kindle and paperback versions so we can improve things. You can contact us at

Whether you are revising for examinations or just seeking additional support, this range of books is a terrific companion to your studies.

Packed with clear information a range of sociology revision books have been tailored by to help you develop your knowledge and assess your understanding so you can achieve your full potential.

Suitable for all examination boards the first set of sociology revision books are available in paperback.

The current series of sociology revision books on sale are as follows:

For those of you only studying the Family, Education and Research Methods:

  1. Sociology Revision Book 1, AS – Level: The Family, Education & Research Methods complete with glossary and index. With 58 pages crammed full of vital knowledge your understanding of sociology is sure to grow.
  2. Sociology Revision Book, AS-Level: Test Yourself On: The Family, Education & Research Methods complete with over 130 questions and answers. With 72 pages of test yourself material you’ll be well prepared for any examination.
  3. Sociology Revision Book 1 combined with AS-Level Test Yourself On: The Family, Education & Research Methods complete with over 130 questions and answers. With its 128 pages, this two books in one option entitles you to free postage and packaging.

For those of you only studying for the NEW!! Family: our new Kindle family revision book complete with questions and answers section (or just purchase question and answer book) is now available from May 1st for you to download from Amazon to your tablet, smartphone or PC

  1. Sociology Revision Book,  AS-Level: Resit Family Revision & Test Yourself Booklet complete with glossary and index

For those of you only studying Education:

  1. Sociology Revision Book,  AS-Level: Resit Education Revision & Test Yourself Booklet complete with glossary and index

For those of you studying Wealth, Poverty & Welfare, Education and Research Methods:untitled

  1. Sociology Revision Book 2, AS-Level: Wealth, Poverty and Welfare, Education & Research Methods complete with glossary and index. NEW!! Kindle Wealth, Poverty and Welfare now available for you to download from Amazon to your tablet, smartphone or PC 



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  1. DoubleN / Feb 14 2015 11:15 am

    Hi , i want to know that do u have any book which has questions and answers of the pastpapers ? Cuz im really looking forward to buy such a type of book .

    • tommo / Feb 14 2015 11:29 am

      Hi – yes the Test Yourself on Family, Education has around 40 questions with answers based on AS style examination questions on this page
      What is important with these style of questions is the variety of answers available which are designed so you can assess your understanding as much a pure knowledge. As you’ll appreciate, for copyright reasons we can’t use questions produced by examinations boards. The book also has around 100 multiple-choice questions which will allow you to measure the extent of your knowledge. I hope this helps 🙂

  2. DoubleN / Feb 14 2015 11:53 am

    Yes thank you . Okay so the bulleton no. 1 is a revision guide for the family , education and research methods . All if these are included but not test your self qns .
    The second point is just the test your self for the above chapters .
    The third and fourth bulletons are individuals chapters test yourself and guides right .
    They are all for the same price right ?
    Moreover , if u can make something for paper 2 ,that would be great , i feel it is the hardest and really need help in that !

    • tommo / Feb 14 2015 12:13 pm

      Hi again – I’ll answer each of your points so you’re 100% clear.
      Bullet point No1 is a pure revision guide for the Family, Education and Research Methods. Bullet point No2 is the Test Yourself question and answer booklet specific to, like you say, the Family, Education and Research Methods.
      Bullet points 3 & 4 are specific revision guides, these are ‘stand-alone’ specific to the Family and Education units. Each of these ‘stand-alone’ guides comes with its own Test Yourself section with around 30+ multiple choice questions (with 4 option answers to select from). One top of that there’s around 20 AS style questions with the accompanying range of answers to those questions.
      These 20 question are there to help you assess your understanding, that’s why AS questions are more challenging than GCSE. All these books are priced at £4.99
      I’m not 100% sure what you mean by paper 2, so if you could give me a little more info I’ll gladly help 🙂

      • DoubleN / Feb 14 2015 6:33 pm

        Thank u for your quick response and generous offers for help .

        The AS style Qns are essay style Qns ?
        Paper 2 – includes all the perspectives , research methods , sociallisation and the creation of identity and the relationshp between theory and methods .

      • tommo / Feb 15 2015 10:58 am

        Hi – I will be writing content for the areas you mention but I doubt it’ll be ready for this year’s examinations. Regarding the AS question in the booklet, they are short answer essay questions. They’re designed so you can assess your knowledge and more importantly understanding by providing as many answers to the questions as you wish to form a succinct or medium sized essay. Again, I hope this helps. Any other questions, please feel free to ask.

  3. DoubleN / Feb 16 2015 6:13 pm

    I have ordered the 2 &3 book . 🙂 hopefully will get it by 2nd of march .

    • C H Thompson / Feb 16 2015 7:14 pm

      Thanks. Any other questions that come to mind just ask 🙂

  4. DoubleN / Apr 2 2015 10:02 am

    HelIo, I did not get my books . Amazon was not able to deliver my books and so it cancelled the order . I replaced the order more than 3 times but it failed every time . :/
    Though i have ordered books from amazon before as well and have recived them but this time it had failed after a 2 months long wait . So i guess i wont be able to review ur books and nor have the pricless resources with me .

    • C H Thompson / Apr 3 2015 11:44 am

      Hi – I might have a solution. If you follow me on Twitter, I can message you with my idea 🙂

      • DoubleN / Apr 3 2015 12:54 pm

        The amazon has given a new date again . Hope it gets here this time !

  5. Dale / Oct 13 2015 7:45 pm

    Hi I need to put references in my essay and I am using your book for some of my information. However, there is no author? Could you help

    • C H Thompson / Oct 14 2015 8:17 am

      The author is C H Thompson, hope that helps.

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