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May 16, 2018 / C H Thompson

Globalisation and crime – with evaluative points

Perspectives on globalisation and crime

 Neo- Marxist Ian Taylor -> note how the impact of globalisation provides an opportunity for the growth of transnational crime. These include..

  • the exploitation of cheap labour as well as health and safety violations, such as BT having their call centres abroad to save money.
  • Transnational corporations having a monopoly of their particular market, allowing them to charge whatever they want
  • marketization has encouraged people to see themselves as individual consumers, creating a materialistic culture
  • such a culture creates widening inequalities, especially through social media posts, encouraging people, especially the poor, to turn to crime as way of narrowing those inequalities
  • The ability to move finance around the world enables financial crimes such as tax evasion and insider trading
  • Cheap international transport and effective communication systems have allowed companies to move their production to where production costs are lowest.


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