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May 14, 2018 / C H Thompson

New right views of the family – revision notes

The new right don’t like lone parent families because…

Lone parenting:

  • causes an excessive dependency on state welfare due causing lone mothers to be ‘married to the state
  • undermines the sexual division of labour which gives each parent a dedicated role to fulfill – expressive and instrumental, which lone parenting is unable to do
  • it  also caused the absence of the male whose instrumental role was that of breadwinner, disciplinarian and role model
  • according to Charles Murray led to the growth in fatherless families and the subsequent ill-discipline of their children drew them into a life of crime

Increase in divorce:

  • causes the devaluation of marriage as an institution undermining the inherent strengths of the nuclear family, leading to fragmented families and dysfunctional families such as lone parent families


  • causes the breakdown of traditional family values of loyalty, commitment and self-reliance which ultimately undermines the inherent value of the nuclear family which is built on stability and commitment



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