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May 14, 2018 / C H Thompson

Ethnic minority subcultures in schools – revision notes

African-Caribbean male subcultures

  • Gaine and George (1999) found African-Caribbean subcultures develop from both factors inside and outside school
  • Within schools teachers tend to see African-Caribbean boys as aggressive and disruptive
  • the researchers noted how these labels came from a misinterpretation of African-Caribbean subcultures – such as the way they walk and dress
  • this results in African-Caribbean students being singled out more for punishment
  • In contrast to the above Tony Sewell, 1997, research found African-Caribbean subcultures in schools to be more complex than solely anti-school
  • Sewell’s research in a boys-only comprehensive school uncovered for distinct responses:
  • conformist – 41% of students behaved well and were hard working
  • innovator – 35% of students accepted the need to be educated but distanced themselves from the school processes and teachers
  • retreatist – 6% were loners who kept out of the way
  • rebels – 18% rejected schooling and treated Conformists with contempt




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