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May 10, 2018 / C H Thompson

Marxist perspective of crime – revision notes with evaluative points

Evaluation of Marxism and crime:

(+) It draws attention to law makers as well as law breakers.

(+) It looks at agencies of social control.

(+) It looks at not just the stereotypical working class crime.

(-) It is deterministic as it predicts that all working class will turn to crime and have no free will, whereas not all working-class citizens turn to crime.

(-) Ignores laws that protect both the working class and the ruling-class e.g. murder, human rights, traffic laws.

(-) Crime occurs in all types of societies and not just capitalist ones e.g. communist societies.

(-) The theory suggests that crime is only committed for economic gain, but what about crimes such as murder, abuse and speeding?

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