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May 9, 2018 / C H Thompson

Postmodernism and education

Postmodern education dismisses the ‘certainties’ of the past, established by meta-narratives, in order to meet the uncertainties of the present / future – through diversity

diversity in education to meet the diverse methods of future employment this occurs by making education:

  • diverse and customised to meet the creative needs of post-Fordist industries eg home schooling
  • to meet the challenges of globalisation
  • flexible – think of Open University established in 1969 to give people a second chance
  • through life-long learning (not fixed-term learning)
  • by teachers engaging with learners in more active ways


  • Overly optimistic about diversity in education – National Curriculum is still a one-size fits all system
  • Marxist’s would point out fee-paying sector is flourishing in UK making social inequalities just a strong



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