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May 2, 2018 / C H Thompson

Post modernity: spiritual shopping

Hervieu-Leger identifies two new types of religion are emerging:

  • Pilgrims -> they follow an individual path in the search for self-discovery, such as exploring New Age spirituality by joining groups.
  • Converts -> people who join religious groups that offer a strong sense of belonging. Such groups re-create a sense of community in a society that has lost many of its traditions

In Lyon’s view, postmodern society has a number of features that are changing the nature of religion:

  • He said that this includes globalisation, which is the increased importance of the media and communications, and the growth of consumerism (shopping) on a global scale
  • globalisation is the growing interconnectedness of societies, now through social media, increasing the likelihood of ‘converts’ to communty’s in other countries
  • has led to an increased movement of ideas and beliefs across national boundaries
  • We live in a postmodern, media saturated society that have led ideas to become ‘disembedded’ -> the media lift the out of original context
  • As a result of this, religion has become de-institutionalised.

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