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May 2, 2018 / C H Thompson

New religious movements

World-accommodating NRMs –  draw a clear distinction between the spiritual and the worldly spheres.

  • NRMS lack most of the features traditionally associated with religious movements
  • they tend to have no rituals, no official ideology, or even any collective meetings whatsoever.
  • They encourage their members to remain within wider society but don’t fully accept the values and goals of society
  • They aim to help their followers claim awareness of their inner power
  • They claim to have a variety of paths to the truth such as in Sidda, Yoga

World-rejecting NRMs

  • These are sect-like organisations that often have a leader
  • They reject the secular world and seek radical change e.g. the Unification church (also known as Moonies
  • They keep their distance from other religious organisations and see their members as uniquely legitimate with s clear boundary drawn between members and non-members
  • They require a high level of commitment

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