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May 2, 2018 / C H Thompson


  • Denominations are a recognized autonomous branch of the Christian Church
  • Examples include: Catholic Church – 1.285 billion members; Protestantism – 900 million members; Eastern Orthodox Church – 270 million members
  • Denominations are usually described as part-way between a church and a sect and often have a history of challenging authority
  • Their membership is universalistic and inclusive, and embraces all members of society.
  • Denominations have a professional clergy and paid officials, but not a complex hierarchy like churches.
  • They are world-accommodating meaning that they don’t reject the state or wider society, but they have no formal connection with the state.
  • Demominations worship is relatively formal with most members sitting and singing to pray
  • They don’t claim an exclusive monopoly of truth and so are more tolerant and will readily cooperate with other religious organizations

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