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April 28, 2018 / C H Thompson

Marxist perspective of education-revision notes

  • the function of school is to instill the hidden curriculum
  • the school processes mentioned above prepare students for workplace (rather than scholastic achievement as functionalists argue) are reinforced through having to follow a timetable; being punctual; wearing a uniform; doing homework, are all part of the hidden curriculum (the ‘visible’ curriculum is your lessons, school assemblies, etc
  • Bourdieu also sees the function of the education system is to reproduce and legitimizing social inequalities
  • this occurs through his concept of social capital  which explains how the middle-classes succeed while the working-class are less likely to succeed in school
  • Paul Willis also adopts a Marxist approach when he studied the relationship between the education system and the workplace. His interactionist approach looked at working-class subcultural resistance (counter-culture) to the education system

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