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January 28, 2014 / C H Thompson

Anti-capitalist movement

The internet is often considered a symbol of globalisation especially its capacity for transmitting ideas and capital at a global level. Along with globalisation, the internet provides opportunities as well as challenges for NSMs. It has expanded political communications between diverse groups on a local as well as global level.

In addition technology has increased the speed and range of communications by providing NSMs with the impetus for change in the same way printing, postal services and telephone systems did for OSMs.

However though informal connections provided by new technologies provide for a more ‘loose’ membership encouraging more tentative members of society to become politically active, it also has the downside of lacking face-to-face contact along with the benefits of commitment and political integrity formal membership provides.

The Anti-Capitalist movement meets the above criteria but additionally it is also an anti-globalisation movement, this recently manifest itself in the Occupy movement.

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