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August 4, 2013 / C H Thompson

Free sociology university courses

These links take you to a number of free university sociology courses. These are useful as complete courses for you to work through or as a means of extending your sociological knowledge and understanding….

Open University – What do we mean by the family?

Yale University – Social Theory

Lecture 1 Introduction
            Lecture 2 Hobbes: Authority, Human Rights and Social Order
            Lecture 3 Locke: Equality, Freedom, Property and the Right to Dissent
            Lecture 4 Montesquieu: The Division of Powers
            Lecture 5 Rousseau: Popular Sovereignty and General Will
            Lecture 6 Rousseau on State of Nature and Education
            Lecture 7 Mill: Utilitarianism and Liberty
            Lecture 8 Smith: The Invisible Hand
            Lecture 9 Marx’s Theory of Alienation
            Lecture 10 Marx’s Theory of Historical Materialism
            Lecture 11 Marx’s Theory of Historical Materialism (cont.)
            Lecture 12 Marx’s Theory of History
            Lecture 13 Marx’s Theory of Class and Exploitation
            Lecture 14 Nietzsche on Power, Knowledge and Morality
            Lecture 15 Freud on Sexuality and Civilization
            Lecture 16 Weber on Protestantism and Capitalism
            Lecture 17 Conceptual Foundations of Weber’s Theory of Domination
            Lecture 18 Weber on Traditional Authority
            Lecture 19 Weber on Charismatic Authority
            Lecture 20 Weber on Legal-Rational Authority
            Lecture 21 Weber’s Theory of Class
            Lecture 22 Durkheim and Types of Social Solidarity
            Lecture 23 Durkheim’s Theory of Anomie
            Lecture 24 Durkheim on Suicide
            Lecture 25 Durkheim and Social Facts

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