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July 16, 2013 / C H Thompson

Pluralist view of media owners

Unlike Marxists and neo-Marxists pluralists suggest there is no dominant ruling-class but numerous competing groups with different interests. The owners do not directly control the content of the media, but rather what appears in the media is driven by the wishes of consumers. Audiences watch what they want to and do not watch what doesn’t reflect their interests. Pluralists identify the following points:uses and gratifications media model

  • owners do not have direct control over media content
  • there’s no dominant class but competing social groups
  • media content isn’t ideological neither does it reflect the interests of owners
  • media content is driven by media managers who give journalists the freedom to seek out any type of newsworthy story
  • media content is their to meet the needs of its audience as the audience choose the content they wish to read or watch
  • any bias is merely reflects audience interests as the audience ultimately has the final say it what he or she wishes to view
  • uses and gratification model best explains this process

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