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July 11, 2012 / C H Thompson

Assessing two of the theoretical explanations

Strengths of structural

Feminists would argue there is enough evidence around to support the view we live in a patriarchal society. For example the glass-ceiling and the triple-shift

Marxists would argue there’s enough evidence around to support the view that the ruling-class have better life chances than working-class and education.

Weaknesses of structural (where do the weaknesses come from?)

Social action theorists argue people have free will, their individual behaviour isn’t determined by social structures such as class and gender. Can we give any examples of this?

What would structural theorists say to the last question? When you’ve answered this you’ll see a pattern emerge in the process of assessing or evaluating an idea.

However there aren’t just structural and social action approaches, there’s a third approach. Any ideas what this third approach might be?

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