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July 5, 2012 / C H Thompson

Society or biology (the social construction of identity)

We left the previous page wondering if an individual’s identity comes from their biology or the culture society they live in? If you’re uncertain as to what this means watch the clip below and ask yourself would the same incidents happen in the UK?

Jenkins (1996) argues one explanation is the role of socialisation. Through socialization people learn the cultural norms and the social roles of the society they’re living in. During the socialization process people learn how others see and define them which contributes to the formation of our identities. For example what is the social role of a woman and how are girls socialised in this?

Let’s look at the clip below and see how social roles are percieved by a career woman.

In the same way let’s examine the social role of men and how this is socialised?

Let’s look at the clip below and see how some men challenge this.

So the big question is……… are social roles imposed or do people create them?


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