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January 20, 2009 / C H Thompson

Education task 1

Please answer the following questions and email them to me by 9-00am Monday 26th January

1.       What is the curriculum in a school?

2.       What did Durkheim argue that schools are?

3.       How did Parsons view the role of school as being?

4.       What is the difference between ascribed status and achieved status?

5.       What is the difference between ‘particularistic values’ and ‘universalistic values’?

6.       What do functionalist’s mean by the ‘division of labour’ ?

7.       Define a functionalist perspective of the ‘hidden curriculum’

8.       How do Functionalists value the concept of meritocracy within the education system?

9.       What did Althusser see the main role of education being?

10.   How did Althusser justify his argument?

11.   What did Bowles and Gintis’ mean by the ‘long shadow of work?’

12.   Identify several ways your own school life reflect Bowles and Gintis’ perspective of the hidden curriculum?

13.   Indentify three significant differences between Marxist; Feminist and Functionalist perspectives of education

14.   Identify and briefly explain the key differences between Marxist; Functionalist and Feminist (Feminist views of the hidden curriculum are less explicit, so you will have to think about this) views of the hidden curriculum

15. Identify and briefly explain why feminists place so much emphasis on gendered language, stereotyping and roles in education?



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