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December 21, 2008 / C H Thompson

Different types of schools-TheTripartite System

The education system you are familiar with is one that has developed from The 1944 Education Act. The introduction of this act created different types of state schools Technical Schools, Secondary Schools and Grammar Schools and this became known as the Tripartite System. Independent or Private school uniformschools were untouched by this process.

The decision to which secondary school you would go to after primary school (year 6) was finished was not made by the student but by the ability to pass the 11+ exam. The 11+ exam is an IQ test which is seen to measure an individual’s current and future intellectual capacity. Those children who passed the exam went to grammar schools while those that failed went to either a secondary modern school or a secondary technical school.

Is your IQ fixed or malleable?

Do you believe your intelligence is determined by your genes and is therefore fixed. Or do you believe it is malleable by the learning environment you are placed in? This is known as the nature nurture debate and is fundamental throughout the education module. For example you have just looked at the tripartite system. This system selected a child’s educational path on the basis intelligence is static. Further into the module you will see other forms homer-brainof ‘selection’ based on a child’s home and school environment.

Why this is important is recent studies have shown that where children are taught to believe their potential is limitless their level of educational attainment rose significantly. You can read more on this here

Task – have ago at an 11+ test and see if you would pass it!  

What social problems can anticipate developing from the 11+ test selecting children? For more information read this piece , watch this and this . For further reading on the Tripartite System go here

Task 2 – please follow the link and answer all 6 questions

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  1. RICHARD BIRMINGHAM / Mar 31 2016 11:56 am

    Excellent resources @eppingSociology 🙂

    • C H Thompson / Mar 31 2016 7:52 pm

      Many thanks for your kind comment 🙂


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