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July 7, 2008 / C H Thompson

Family diversity – introducing ideology

Last lesson we looked at the impact of divorce on children and the differences between New Right and feminist ideas on divorce.

The New Right model sees the family as the traditional nuclear family unit.

  1. What are the key points of a traditional family?

How true is this image of the traditional family? In her book ‘Changing Britain’ Susan McRae (1999) says ‘Britain today is a much more complex society than in past times with greater diversity in the types of households within which people live’

  1. Identify as much family diversity as you can
  2. Identify which perspective might favour diversity and which might be anti-diversity?
  3. Identify as many places in which the traditional family is represented as being ideal?

Where you have an ideal being reproduced over and over it becomes seen as normal and is then idealised as the best example of something. There is a more elaborate term to describe something which is seen as the best of something and it is known as ideology.

An ideology is something in which a significant number of people agree about something.

A very good example is evident in this clip

  1. What ideologies are evident in the clips?
  2. Try and identify five areas of life which might be seen as ideological, and explain why they are ideologies.

Next lesson – cereal packet


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