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July 7, 2008 / C H Thompson

Are you more likely to divorce?

  • Which group of people do you think are more susceptible to divorce? Watch the following clip before we discuss the question
  1. Age – The younger a person gets married the greater the risk of divorce. What reasons would you give for this?
  • Younger people are more likely to have money problems. This tends to be because you’re still learning your job and so the pay is lower yet the household bills remain high
  • Lack of experience in choosing a partner
  • A naivety in recognising what marriage really involves
  • When you’re young people are still ‘growing/developing’ into the people they become, this way it’s easier to grow apart
  1. Social class – the lower your social-class the more likely you are to divorce. This tends to be due to financial/employment issues
  2. Other factors – you’re more likely to divorce if your own parents were divorced, as this could lead to their offspring seeing divorce as acceptable. Remarriages are more likely to end in divorce as are marriages between different classes, ethnicity and religions. This could be due to the different levels of expectation.

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