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July 3, 2008 / C H Thompson

Marriage and divorce data

Getting married is something numerous people aspire to. It’s an event to which couples spend months arranging and small fortunes creating. The clip below epitomises the symbolism of a wedding as a public announcement of their love and devotion to each other.

However when you study the data on weddings the reality is somewhat different to the representation in the films, magazines and TV.

On this page we will look at different data relating to marriage, singlehood, cohabitation and divorce. But before we look at the data in detail, we can look at some general data on marriage and divorce on the following link statistics

Task – research the data provided by the links below and compile a report, which must include the data and which answers the three questions below.

Data on marriage;

Data being single;

Data on cohabitation; (choice of data)

Data on divorce  (choice of data)

  1. From the above data what trends can we uncover?
  2. Why has there been a decline in marriage and an increase in divorce?
  3. Why has there been an increase in being single and cohabiting?

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