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July 1, 2008 / C H Thompson

Criticisms of New Right thinking

  1. Before we look at this in some detail have a think yourself and decide where these ideas are vulnerable


The New Right tends to blame victims for things that are not of their own making. Many of the problems identified come from low wages, lack of employment opportunities as well as cultural changes which are endemic rather than unique to an underclass. For example many celebrities are single parents, cohabit, divorce or have affairs.


Is the New Right spending too much time looking to the past for a golden age which never really existed? Victorian times were seen as the ideal, but even then lone parenting, cohabitation and extra-marital relations were common

The problem for the New Right is their reliance on an ideal type of family stratifies all other families beneath the nuclear family. Why are families without fathers inferior? Isn’t family diversity normal?

  1. Think back and identify as many diverse family forms as you can!

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