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June 11, 2008 / C H Thompson

Cereal packet family (part 3)

The popularity of the cereal packet family is mainly due to the fact that the nuclear family is seen as being the way families ought to be.

This is because the image of the cereal packet family is transmitted by journalists who tend to be white middle-class people; and so the family scenarios in adverts tend to be very middle-class. Families out together, families eating together, families on holiday together even your doctor is often described as a ‘family doctor’.

When everyone is in agreement over something this is known as an ideology. An ideology is the transmission of an idea from one group of people to another. A dominat ideology is a value or idea which is shared by the majority.

So if everyone thinks the nuclear family is an ideal family and how things ought to be, to the extent it becomes a typical family, then it’s an ideology!

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