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June 9, 2008 / C H Thompson

What are the different types of families?

Listed below are the variety of structures families are found in:types of families

Beanpole – in countries like Britain and the US, the number of children per generation has steadily gone down, while life span has increased. This has led to a shape of family tree that some researchers have likened to a beanpole — tall and thin, with few people in each generation.

Classic extended family – an extended family sharing the same household

Cohabitation – a couple living together who aren’t married

Extended family – a family containing relatives in addition to the nuclear family

Gay or lesbian family – same sex couple living together with children

Kin – relatives based on marriage or genes

Lone parent family – lone parent (either gender) with dependent children

Modified extended family – an extended family living apart but still in communication via phone, email, Skype etc.

Monogamy – a married couple of the opposite sex, who have sexual relations with each otherfamily data

Nuclear family – a family consisting of an adult male and female with one or more children (including adopted)

Polygamy – a marriage involving two or more wives or husbands

Reconstituted family (blended family) – a family formed out of another relationship, otherwise known as a step-family

Symmetrical family – authority and household tasks shared between male and female partners



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